Brian Andrew

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About Brian Andrew

Brian Andrew has now been creating ceramic and bronze sculpture for over thirty years and has become very collectable. His observations of hares have come from years spent wandering the countryside with his Lurchers, his observations of humour have come from years spent in pubs, disappearing times and the roller-coaster of life!

Brian's work has been displayed and sold from many galleries and sells worldwide. Even the Queen has bought a piece; not Elton John, the other one... Each piece is made in red clay, once the correct leather hard stage is reached, a white pipe clay is applied as an undercoat. Then top layers of decorating slip mixed with oxides and coloured stains is applied with brushes. A small amount of sgraffito marks are made as it dries.

Each piece is then fired to a bisque temperature. Once cooled further oxides are brushed on and then washed off leaving a stain in lowlighted areas. Finally, the piece is fired at a high temperature. Each piece is therefore unique.