Julia Mills

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About Julia Mills

As a glass artist, I first found inspiration in Cornwall in 1999 and have lived and worked in the far west ever since. Having spent many years building a loyal following in my galleries, first in Porthleven and most recently in the picturesque village of Mousehole, I now work from a large, purpose-built studio at my home. Here, perched above the busy fishing port of Newlyn, I find inspiration in the ephemeral light of the coast. I love walking along the seashore - this constantly shifting interface between land and sea fuels my imagination and is a recurring theme in my work. Using the highest quality handmade glass sourced from around the world and enlivened by natural lines, tiny bubbles and intricate textures, I create contemporary glass art full of colour and movement. I enjoy working with the techniques of acid-etching and sand-blasting to manipulate and craft light as it falls onto the glass, experimenting with translucence, colour combinations and organic forms. Each piece transforms its surroundings with multi-faceted, colourful highlights and mesmerising reflections.