Lara Bowen

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About Lara Bowen

"I am interested in the moment, in capturing stillness in time and how the application of paint to a surface can create feelings of familiarity, presence and joy."

There is energy and spirit in Lara's work. She is primarily influenced by the colours and shapes of botanical nature which take the form of still-life compositions or intimate, semi abstract landscapes.

An insatiable gardener, Lara grows many of her subjects. In cutting them and marrying them to one of her vessel collection there begins a limited time in which their relationship can be recorded and preserved; albeit in impression as opposed to photographically. Inspired by textiles, music and all manner of other things, Lara plays with colour, composition and marks to create vibrant paintings with personality.

Lara was born in Brighton and studied art at Hastings College and Oxford Brookes University. Now living back on the south coast she paints from her studio which looks out over her new garden.