Theresa Gilder

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About Theresa Gilder

Theresa gilder has expressed her creativity in a variety of ways. She became a freelance textile designer after studying at the Manchester School of Art, working in both Britain and Germany. On moving to Cornwall she came under influence of Barbara Hepworth and was fortunate enough to have tuition from John Tunnard, Bouverie Hoyton and Barbara Tribe at the Penzance School of Art: where.

After many years of clay-modelling, specialising in portraits, she derived a style very much of her own in the field of stone carving. Most of her work is comprised of intertwining figures carved into a recognisable form which maintain the strength and nature of the stone. Her sensual, tactile figures invite the viewer to touch and participate in the emotive feelings they evoke. Theresa's sculptures are loved and admired for their strong sensitive and loving character, not unlike their maker one might add.

Theresa's work appears in exhibitions, private and public collections too numerous to mention.