Arwyn Jones

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About Arwyn Jones

I studied ceramics at Loughborough College of art and design under Dave Scott, graduating in June 1995. During my second year I worked with David and Margaret Frith for 2 weeks a memorable and inspiring experience that opened my eyes to the possibilities of becoming a potter. After graduating I was lucky enough to get the technicians job on the course I'd just finished and stayed for a year, again a great experience. I moved to Carmarthen in September 1996 to work as a thrower at Gwili pottery.  I stayed for a year before moving to Frome where after a brief trip to Zimbabwe I was spurred into starting my own workshop, which was in March 1998.

I work in what may be considered a “traditional” way, using the wheel to create sound functional forms.  I endeavour to create pieces with a simplicity emanating primarily from function, and an elegance that is clearly derived from the Orient. My over riding intention is for the resulting wares to be undeniably functional and a pleasure to use.  All pieces are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.