Julia Maleeva

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About Julia Maleeva

Originally from Bulgaria, I have been living and working in Bristol for the last fifteen years.  I have BA in Fine Art and MA in Architecture.  I have completed Postgraduate specialisation in Pennsylvania USA.  My graphics and sketches can be seen in the US Library of Congress.

In my twenty-year career as an architect and designer I have completed many projects, conversions and renovations in Bulgaria, UK, Germany and Romania.
In the last few years, I have returned to full time painting, working in my own studio in Bristol. Working mainly with oils, using different media and textures.  An important ingredient for my work is cold wax, giving me endless opportunities for different creations. My art can be seen at Lighthouse Gallery, in private homes and at various art fairs and galleries in UK and Bulgaria. 


I am inspired by old structures, objects with memories, landscapes with feelings.  All my inspirational sources are from my travels around the Southwest and abroad.  Art for me is a deconstruction process of layers of paint waiting to be scraped and laid out in a different perspective.  Going backwards I am discovering a unique story, like a detective game to find clues from the past!

Exploring the two-dimensional relationship with form, colour and texture has always been my main interest. The challenge is to maintain the right balance between graphic lines and colours. Ultimately I am trying to create a new fusion of dry point and oil painting, using different media and textures.