Michael Sanders

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About Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders is an artist whose paintings capture the ever-changing light and colour of landscapes that inspire him. His work evokes the feeling and mood of a subject, whether it be a lone figure on the windswept beaches of Cornwall, or a bicycle resting against a crumbling sun-baked wall in the Mediterranean.

He paints large-scale, mixed media canvasses, which are both tactile and atmospheric. Often, the inclusion of a small figure gives a sense of scale to the scene and the viewer can relate to the mood - sometimes reflective, or uplifting and bright.

Michael’s paintings depict the seasons and the ever-changing colours of the sea, sky and light. His work uses light and colours to reflect the diverse moods of nature.

Using oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolour and collage in mixed media techniques he says: ‘I am never happier than when painting in the sanctuary of my studio, alone with my thoughts, paints and the backdrop of gentle music to help me along. I don’t know how many paintings I’ve sold in my life, but it’s many hundreds - all of them finding their owners and a home in every corner of every continent. The wealth of experience I have gained from painting and exhibiting all over the world is something that money can’t buy.’