Rosemary Trestini

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Rosemary Trestini

Rosemary Trestini was born in Morden, London. She studied at St. Martin's College of Art, then took a Post Graduate Degree at the Royal College of Art where she was awarded an M.A. While there she came under the influence of Prof. Carel Weight and Roger de Gray and her work gradually moved from abstract to figurative. She moved out of London to the West Country wanting to be surrounded by the subject matter she longed to paint.

Trestini is romantic painter. Much of her work is concerned with the often and ever changing weather conditions along the coastline of Tresco, Isles of Scilly. Light permeates her pictures and she often includes small figures, which seem threstened by the overwhelming forces of nature but are not cowed by what is happening around them. The figures, though tiny, are indomitable in the face of such power.

In other works, she captures the luminous beauty of the sub-tropical gardens on Tresco. Also, over the past few years she has been drawn to the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge. Trestini has also been exploring the marshland and wide vistas of the Fens in the east of England. This area has the same sense of isolation as Tresco. The endless variations of just land and sky.